article-2339205-1A3FA146000005DC-943_638x396If you haven’t heard already, Taylor Chapman is the most hated person on the internet. Chapman went on a rampage at her local Dunkin Donuts when she didn’t get a receipt for her order the previous day. And she captured it all with her phone. Bad. Idea.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, take a minute to check it out:…. But be warned, it’s very explicit.

Spewing racial slurs and declaring that she was going to Mars, one might think that maybe she was drunk or high. Even if that were the case, it’s definitely no excuse for the barrage of insults directed at the Dunkin Donuts staff. I applaud the staff for handling the situation in the manner in which they did, and would hope that Dunkin Donuts will give them some type of recognition.
With this video, Chapman has abruptly ended here career as a spokesperson with Power Sales Team (, a south Florida-based SEO and promotional company. In a recent blog post, Power Sales Team indicated that they will be responding to the situation and will update the status of their relationship with Chapman. All of the negative press Power Sales Team is getting is surely causing issues. The Happy Wok Chinese ( restaurant recently removed a promotional video (produced by Power Sales Team) from their homepage in which Chapman was the spokesperson (the video can be seen here:…).
The colossal mess created by Chapman with one video is sure to last, and will haunt her for the rest of her life. The lesson we can learn from all this: be careful what you post online. It could very well go viral and ruin your life. Shame on you Taylor Chapman. Shame on you.